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Welcome to "The Binary Code website.

My name is William Brightwell and I'm a former banker. Today, I mostly engage with spreading the binary option code around.

For years, bankers were making huge profits when using methods I now teach. My classes students were amazed to find out, that no financial background is required to profit from the stock market.

It is now time for you to earn your share!

The binary code is no secret, and simple to perform. You are about to find out that even with no investment education, you will be able to spot market trends and make 81% profit in minutes.

The binary code system is now offered, for a limited time only, for free. You will never be charged for any of the content, ideas, methods and techniques that will be exposed to.
I only ask you to kindly feedback me, after few weeks of using these methods.

Best Regards,

Yes, you are reading correctly. As a former banker, I turned my biggest passion for trading the stock market into a simple business model. Now, anyone can profit!

Over the years, I kept developing the method and implied it into my 1-week seminar. I can now proudly say that even my novice-traders students were able to master my binary options code and generate profits within weeks, and sometimes even within days.

My students already know - EVERYONE can generate a consistent income stream, along with their ordinary day job.

I’ve just recently decided to expose the code on the web, and reach a far bigger crowd. My methods are so naturally integrated with traders’ common sense, that I am able to deliver all of my knowledge online.

Now, you can too, join the growing community of traders that performs a steady, solid income.

All you need to do in order to join, is view my full video, and sign up to one of my recommended binary options brokers.

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Trading Binary Options- Join the Elite Of Online Traders

While most of you are gaining 0.1% /month interest on your savings, bankers know that with small investments, you can generate high profits.

How high?
- 81% return high!

When trading binary options, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get your interests and profits; you can profit in less than one hour.

Just like wise bankers, you will be able to master the stock market with easy-to-perform methods, and generate large profits, even if you don’t have a large capital to invest.

Many of my seminar’s traders started their business with few hundreds of dollars only. After weeks, they were able to invest higher amounts from their generated profits and earn as if they invested thousands and tens of thousands on online investments.

Jonathan Chase, one of the users of my binary options code, used to think that you have to invest a high amount of money to compile a profitable trading system. So, basically- you have to be rich to get richer.

Due to the short term of binary options (sometimes as short as 5-10 minutes), Jonathan found out that his investment money can be rotated quickly, and even with reasonable capital- to generate a wealthy income.

Many of your that tried to invest their funds with banks had probably a bad experience. The interests and profits were low, the commissions were high, and the reports were complicated. Why would you invest your money with interests you’re not fully familiar with? And why do we keep hearing stories about profits of tens and hundreds of percent when we only see less than 1%?

Online trading with binary options gives you a financial freedom. Whether you can invest few hundreds or tens of thousands, with binary options you can expand profits to hundreds of percents in hours.

All of this, with

  • No commission

  • No withdrawals fee

  • No exit point after months and years

  • No unreasonably minimum investment

  • No dressing up to go to the bank.

If you ever wondered how a banker can get a $5,000,000 annual bonus, and how can banks generate such huge profits, you can now too join the success. Implement the binary options code into your trading strategy and start your own stock market business without rising up from your chair.

Binary Options Make it Simple

Thanks to binary options, I was able to make a shorter and simpler version of a trading strategy that wise bankers and investors commonly use.

Those options enables this with no financial stock market experience to generate income as if they were seasoned investors with a tremendous capital.

You too, can start your online business today! Not next year, not after stock market classes that last months and cost fortune. You can start Now.

The binary options code works.

This will help you steer clear of unscrupulous providers! These brokers have been in the market for a number of years, so they have an excellent track record, they are reliable and they have top support! I’d suggest opening accounts with both providers, this will give you even more opportunity to trade and make even more money.

This is crucial.

Trusted brokers will pay in time, give you the best returns on the market, will give you a live support, and do anything they can to maximize your profits.

“The Binary Options Code” Trusted brokers generates traders all of the above, and willing to give you all the tools you need to succeed on your online business.

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If I find a better broker I will let you know in my newsletter or via a personal e-mail. However the two above-mentioned brokers are perfect for you to start immediately!

It takes less than 2 minutes to open an account. Directly after the registration you will be redirected to the secure server where you can immediately deposit your starting funds into your account.

After placing your traders account with one of the trusted brokers, is it time to learn how to place traders according to the market’s trends.

Those are the options that will generate you up to 81% profit on a successful trade.

After reading my instructions, you will be able to inspect the stock market trends and place successful investment as if you were financially educated with years of classes and courses.

On the web, there are hundreds of real-time market charts. I personally recommend eToro’s charts, they are simple to work with. After opening an account there, you can navigate between different times and markets, and notice the trends that you will trade on. Click here to open an eToro account eToro

Whenever you want to place a trade, navigate among the different markets: stocks pairs (e.g EUR/USD), commodities (e.g Gold), or shares (e.g Google). Each of the above market group several assets.

No matter what asset you select, in order to use the binary options code you will need to use the 5-minutes candlestick charts.

The key is to spot a trend on these short time-frames.

Always be patient!
If you can’t find an exact trend, move on to the next asset, or wait for a clearer image to reveal.

Watch this following video and learn how to spot a clear trend.

I will now show you additional examples of how to place the right trades for PUT (falling markets) and CALL (rising markets)

This is a clear long lasting trend.

Even without any financial education, you can spot the trend.

This example should encourage you to place a “CALL” option on USD/CAD pair. On the expiry time, you will already have additional 81% profit on your original investment!

This candlestick chart shows a rate fall on the stock pair EUR/JPY. Therefore, we should place a “PUT” trade on this pair – and profit 81% in minutes.

Remember: if the trend continues, you can keep on placing trades on the same direction. As long as the market behaves the same way, you can keep on making 81% return on each profit.

On this candlestick chart, there is no massive trend for the day. We shouldn’t place any trade on EUR/GBP- there is no clear trend!

In that case, continue following the asset until you spot a trend, or stick to another asset.

Out there, there are automatic forex signals generators, when you can achieve profits even if there is an unclear movement on the market. However, as a first step, I would recommend sticking to the simple charts and acting only when you can spot a trend.

Use Channels, Draw Linens.

Check yourself, analyze the charts. Draw lines and make sure that you see a clear trend. This way you can find the best entry point.

On the example above, the blue arrows suggests an optimal point for buying the option. The red arrows reflect the maximum rate for placing the option.

No matter if your funds sums up to few hundreds or an outrageous amount. All of us should manage our investment properly.

With binary options, as long as you invest more, you can achieve higher profits quicker- simply by placing higher trades.

BUT- remember. Even the finest forex traders know, that you can’t win every option. Always leave a room for mistakes.

Make sure that few mistakes won’t cost you the whole business. Place trades on amounts that suits your capitals:

Make sure that you choose ONLY the brokers I recommend and approve.

This will guaranty you safe traders, with brokers that have been in business for years.

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It doesn’t take a fortune to make a bigger solid monthly income.

People like you became successful traders with no financial background, and no special trading skills. Watch these videos about some of my students, which now enjoy the fruits of trading with the binary options code!

Don’t wait! Signup today with one of my recommended brokers, and forefeel your financial freedom wish today!

Best of Luck!